Belt of Sindi

Belt of Sindi (in Estonian: Sindi Vöö) urban development envisions to create and attach numerous new urban spaces into one dynamic flow like a river through a white organic metal belt, with recessed dynamic spotlights attached to it. The design is inspired by the prominent Pärnu river system and encourages pedestrians to actively use the several new public spaces. The belt starts from the coach station, continues to the town square and ends by the river. The lighting design brings a dynamic, atmospheric lighting to the town square as the new focal point for the town, creating a circular dynamic movement, using programmable RGBW spotlights in the belt construction. Besides that, functional lighting is designed for the whole project area, including the market, sports square, youth square, pedestrian paths, bike lanes as well as street lighting for the roads.

The visualisations showcase the new town square area, where the dynamically programmed spotlights echo the colours of the setting Sun during dusk. 
The winning team of the open architectural competition consisted of architects Liis Uustal, Egon Metusala and lighting designers Mariliis Kundla and Mihkel Pajuste


Sindi Muncipality


In construction




Urban lighting, exterior