Double Dynamic

Lighting technology and solution partners Fagerhult, Tridonic, iGuzzini and Zumtobel teamed up with Aalborg University (AAU) to develop and scientifically validate the ambitious Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL) concept for office environment. This new lighting design concept embraces the dynamic qualities of daylight, referring to multi-sensory human perception of unpredictability, naturalness, flow of light, light modeling effect and personal light zones. The daylight components, direct warm sunlight and diffuse cool skylight are the main source of inspiration for working with a unique combination of dynamic interaction between directional task lighting and diffuse ambient lighting, with respective intensities and colour temperatures to create naturally perceived luminous variations in the office environment.

The photographs are showcasing one of the outcomes of the project. Innovative Notor 65 Dynamic by Fagerhult is a light fixture born out of this very research project.
Double Dynamic Lighting has been one of Mihkel’s major projects in a researcher role at Lighting Design Lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen. 

Research papers:

Flow of Light: Balancing Directionality and CCT in the Office Environment

An experiment of double dynamic lighting in an office responding to sky and daylight






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