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*Interior lighting design concept for private residence.

Interior lighting

Design and planning for indoor spaces — in particular for function, atmosphere and identity.

Exterior lighting

Design and planning for outdoor context — in particular for wayfinding, safety and atmosphere.

Light artworks

Design and build of temporary and permanent light artworks — creating sensory experiences.

Light fixtures

Consultancy and design of custom-made light fixtures — in particular for interior spaces.


Every project starts with a vision. It takes often departure from daylight analysis and optimisation for a given site. Thereafter, looking into state-of-the-art technology solutions for electric lighting.

To unravel the potential of a lighting design project it is all about collaborations. Mihkel works with a wide range of specialists, amongst others architects, urban planners, researchers, electrical engineers and product designers. 


What is the ultimate outcome? How can a lighting design solution solve a functional problem, create atmosphere, identity, or even a memory?


Research, either it is scientific or visual, is always a must. Gathering state-of-the-art knowledge and inspiration gives shape to a project. Often in parallel with daylight and on-site analysis, sketching and testing.


In this stage, project has taken form and final lighting calculations and planning takes place, before giving the project over to electrical engineers and installers towards completion of the project.


We have worked with architectural offices, cultural institutions, as well as lighting manufactures. Among others Kai Art Center, 3daysofdesign, ABMA Architectural Bureau MA, Design Museum Denmark, ERM (Estonian National Museum), Guilt Studio, Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde, ITK Lighting, Digital Sputnik, MUBA (Tallinn School of Music and Ballet), Sindroms Magazine, Copenhagen Light Festival, TAVA (Architectural Lighting and Art Festival in Tartu), Fagerhult, Den Frie and Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

*Light and sound installation Evergreen exhibited at Design Museum Denmark.

The design projects are separate from Mihkel’s teaching and research roles at Lighting Design Lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen. To access research articles, have a look at Mihkel’s ResearchGate profile.

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