Attending Daylight Academy’s Interdisciplinary Summer School in Chexbres (CH)

It was wonderful to participate in this year’s Interdisciplinary Summer School, taking place in scenic Chexbres, overlooking Lake Geneva, in Switzerland. The residential summer school included lectures, practical workshops, an excursion and minor research projects. It was all about daylight, new knowledge and meeting fellow researchers and practitioners within the field of lighting, from chronobiology to vision, ecology and art. The summer school included an impressive number of lectures amongst others by Manuel Spitschan (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics & Technical University of Munich), Peter Blattner (METAS), Priska Gisler (BFH), Bob Fosbury (ESO) and Priji Balakrishnan (Technical University Berlin). One rather poetic workshop, during the summer school, was re-creating cyanometer for measuring the colour of the sky to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of measurement and characterisation of light and illumination. The workshop was conducted by artists Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller. 


* Enjoying breakfast on the terrace of Ferienhaus Victoria.
* View to the scenic vineyards in Chexbres.