Speaker at Lightfair conference and tradeshow in New York (US)

I had the absolute pleasure to be a speaker at LightFair conference and tradeshow, taking place at the Javitz Center in New York City i May 2023. I highlighted in my presentation, how climate change and sustainability go hand-in-hand. And how sustainable lighting design evolves around sustainable solutions for human (well-being, health and experience), planet (impact on our resources and environment) and energy (resource efficacy and solar) — all intertwined and full of potentials for designing better built environment of tomorrow.

Sustainable lighting design

Climate change, energy crises and our common 2050 goal of reducing CO2 emission to net-zero are some of the reasonings to thrive for sustainable design solutions. Therefore, we investigate state-of-the-art research, exemplify sustainable solutions, and introduce computational tools for sustainable design. But how do we balance the needs of both humans and the planet? This talk is to introduce a set of principles and aspire to look beyond energy consumption, standards, and visual appearance, but also take into consideration lifecycle of products, human well-being, biodiversity, and behavior — a holistic and sustainable perspective for better built environment of tomorrow.

* Presentation slide from the conference.
* At Javits Center enternace, filled with abundance of daylight.