Finalist at Design Competition for Lighting the Tartu Cathedral (EE)

It was my pleasure to be pre-qualified to work on a lighting design proposal for Tartu Cathedral in a Danish-Estonian collaborative team, alongside with Katrin Kivisikk, Mariliis Kundla and Marko Kuusik (ITK Lighting). The aim of the design competition was to find a lighting design for the Tartu Cathedral as part of a project called Toomemägi Revisited, which is organised by the University of Tartu Museum and is part of the official programme for the European Capital of Culture, Tartu 2024.

Arches of Tartu — a concept beyond the visible

The design concept was an outcome based on rigid site-analysis, dialogue with the museum and several other parties, and countless design discussions. How to create a holistic design solution for the complex environment? The cathedral was divided into three sections: university museum, old ruins and the towers — and designed accordingly, using some parts of the structure as large canvas and other parts with the emphasis on the architecture. Our design focuses to bring out the old historical structure of the building, but also reconstruct some fallen parts (two towers and roof structure) with lighting and to create dynamic light spaces in between the ruins. The lighting design solution was envisioned in three scenarios: architectural lighting, celebration lighting and artistic lighting. Each scenario aimed to be used at specific times, serving a functional or atmospheric purpose.