Member of The Daylight Award Community

It is wonderful to have joined the Daylight Community. In relation to that, I have answered a few questions regarding my work as lighting designer and young researcher. 

What does daylight mean to you?

Daylight brings me joy. It gives form to matter around us and enables to experience it. It introduces a new scene every day. I see daylight as the ultimate resource and the subject of exploration.

How do you work with daylight in your research?

At all times, regardless of the nature of a project, the impact of daylight is undeniable. It sets the scene. Working with lighting research, daylight can be the focus or often the most influential factor contributing to a setting.

You can read the full feature interview here. 


The Daylight Award honours and supports daylight research and daylight in architecture. The Daylight Award is initiated by Velux Foundation. This year, 2022, the The Daylight Award Laureates were  architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, from Grafton Architects and neurobiologist Anna Wirz-Justice from University of Basel.