Daylight is Magic

An on-going series of exploration of daylight in the vast

DAYLIGHT IS MAGIC is an on-going series of exploration of daylight in the vast, where light unfolds scenic landscapes and sets atmospheres to be immersed into. Alongside with factual data, including time and location, every image is titled with the emphasis on the real-life phenomenological interpretation, captured in time on photographs. The photographic medium is used to document, analyze and translate the visual information into output imagery, with attention to daylight as a form-giver and put in a context via one-liner narrative titles, elaborating on the experience.

Capture I: Dream simulation with no horizon
{Time: 12:35 Date: 09.04.19, Coordinates: 28°11’04.9”N, 17°12’12.8”W, Daylight condition: diffuse daylight illuminating fog, right before rainfall, Camera: Petri GX-4}

Capture II: Solitude drive alongst sunrays
{Time: 16:16, Date: 11.04.19, Coordinates: 28°12’33.5”N, 16°40’10.6”W, Daylight condition: direct sunlight and skylight, accompanied by car lights, Camera: Petri GX-4}